BellaLabs Reviews

BellaLabs Reviews

BellaLabs, which currently markets a skin care cream that is formulated to fight fine lines and wrinkles and promote the growth of healthy collagen, claims that their product hydrates the skin and has a number of other benefits; however, reading a number of BellaLabs reviews may be able to give you insight on how the product has worked for others. While these reviews may not let you know exactly how your skin will react to the cream, reading them may help you make a more informed purchasing decision based on the information you find. BellaLabs reviews are available on a number of skin care review sites and on retail sites where the product is sold through independent resellers. As you read a number of reviews, keep in mind that the information they contain should not replace advice from your dermatologist, who can give you the best advice about which skin care products are right for you. BellaLabs reviews should only be used as a general guide when you want to know how the product has affected others.

BellaLabs Reviews: What the Experts Say

While there are not a lot of BellaLabs reviews available because the company only carries one product, some reviews penned by professional skin care blogs claim that the product does have several ingredients that may firm the skin on a short-term basis. Some of these ingredients include collagen and vitamin E, which have the ability to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, soften the skin, and help it to lock away moisture.

However, these reviews also claim that these ingredients are not unique to the product’s formulation and may not justify its price, which is around $87 a month when you sign up for the company’s auto-delivery program. In fact, some reviews suggest that collagen is only beneficial for as long as it remains on the skin, as it cannot penetrate its uppermost layer or bond with the collagen that is already present in the skin.

Overall, BellaLabs reviews left by skin care experts claim that while the product might deliver hydration and firmness on a short term basis, it may not help anyone reach long-term beauty goals, especially when it comes to fighting the signs of aging.

BellaLabs Reviews: What the Consumers Say

A number of BellaLabs reviews from consumers claim that they were unfairly charged for the full price of the product after being offered a trial offer for just a few dollars. However, signing up for the trial period means that you’re also enrolled in their auto-ship program, which will send you a new shipment of the cream each month for $87 unless you cancel before your ten-day trial period is over.

Some consumers get excited about receiving an expensive product for two or three dollars and order products without reading the terms and conditions closely, so it may behoove you to do so before you consider ordering the product from the company website.

Some BellaLabs reviews from consumers that focus on the product’s effects claim that it took several weeks for them to see any results from the cream, while others noticed no difference in their skin, even after using the product for several months.


However, some reviews suggested that this cream is effective as a moisturizer, especially in those who described their skin as chronically dry. Despite its usefulness as a moisturizer, some of those reviews also claimed that the price put a serious dent in their skin care budget.


This is something to consider as you read BellaLabs reviews, especially since the product is only sold on the company website and on a few resale sites, which may give you few options for finding it cheaper elsewhere.

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