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Nerium product reviews and customer rating. 

Nerium is an American based skin care manufacture that offers its customer a line of anti aging products. The company originally created Nerium AD Day Cream, and recently launched Nerium Ad Age Defying Night. Both products are designed to target the visible signs of aging. Nerium purports its products are natural and address lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other skin imperfections. In this in depth Nerium review, we take a closer look at the product formulation so see if Nerium really does what it claims.

How does Nerium work? A close look at the formulation reveals that Nerium really is too good to be true. Sadly, Nerium contains very basic ingredients that are designed to hydrate the skin. What is most perplexing is that the company has included ingredients like collagen and elastin purely for label claims. In the 80’s skin care companies started adding ingredients like collagen and elastin to products because they were associated with skin plumpness. Yes, collagen is responsible for skin the skin plum and firm. But, you cannot simply add this to a product. Cosmetic manufacturers were caught out in the 90’s. But, Nerium has started this practice again. Why? Because it sounds good on the label. Instead, look at for products with advanced peptides that are designed to rebuild collagen naturally.

A further look at the Nerium ingredient list reveals that isn’t a single ingredient that offers meaningful long term anti aging benefits. Nerium does Syn-tacks, but it is in such a small concentration that it ineffective. Again, it looks like they have added this purely for marketing purposes.

What does all this mean to consumers? Most experts would agree, the ingredients featured in Nerium wont have any impact on lines or wrinkles. This is a poor formulation. Nerium should have taken more time to develop their product and included first class ingredients in stronger formulations.

Is nerium a scam? Is it pyramid scheme?

To answer these questions, we need to take a closer look at how Nerium operates. No, Nerium is not a scam. But, upon reading many Nerium reviews, we discovered many customer believed this was a quick rich scheme. Nerium agents earn a commission for each product they sell. If they reach a certain goal, they are even given a luxury care.

Nerium Images
Nerium before and after photos have disseapred from their website. We felt the original pictures looked too good to be true. They could been touched up or the people in the photos could have had something else done .

How much is Nerium?

Nerium pricing varies. A quick look at Amazon and other online retailers suggests the price is between $60 and $100. Further, the Nerium Ad Age Defying Night And Day Cream Complete Kit Full Size is priced at $120. This seems to represent the best value.

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