NuFACE Review

Micro current technology may be a viable treatment for sagging skin and wrinkle reduction, and products that can be used at home are increasing in popularity, such as NuFACE. This handheld device delivers a mild microcurrent to the skin with the goal of stimulating collagen and elastin production, according to the manufacturer. NuFACE may be an anti-aging treatment option for those who want to tighten sagging skin without the use of harsh topical creams or costly spa treatments. The microcurrent device comes with several different changeable heads to provide users with a variety of treatments, from the cheek and jawbone area to the eye and lip area. NuFACE was founded in 2005 by Carol Cole, an esthetician whose goal was to offer people affordable, in-home microcurrent treatments so they could create their own skin care regimen and perform anti-aging treatments at their own convenience.

Where to Buy NuFACE

NuFACE is available at the company website, at a number of skin care retailers online, at some department store websites, and at select spa locations across the country. If you wish to buy this product locally, the company website features a store locator that will assist you in finding a retail outlet in your area. The manufacturer suggests that you only purchase NuFACE from an authorized dealer, as the company cannot guarantee the performance of a unit purchased from a resale or discount website.

Prices online for the NuFACE micro current device range from about $225 to $325, depending on whether you buy the device on its own or with a kit that includes other head attachments or topical gels.

Attachment heads are also sold separately and include one for wrinkle reduction and one for treating the skin around the eyes and lips. Each attachment retails for about $149 apiece, and depending on where you make your purchase, some attachments come with a priming gel that’s designed to boost the device’s effects and treat the surface of the skin.

If you have never used NuFACE before, there are instructional videos available on the company website that may help you learn to use your device more effectively.

How NuFACE Works

According to the manufacturer, NuFACE treats sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production via the microcurrents the device delivers. The microcurrents are designed to contour the muscles and skin of the face over time with daily use.

Users can choose quick five-minute treatments or a more intensive fifteen-minute regimen, which targets sagging skin and deeper wrinkles. The treatments are designed to be painless, which makes NuFACE a viable option for those who do not wish to undergo intensive spa treatments that may cause side effects, such as redness or swelling.

However, if you plan to use the collagen-boosting gel or the primer that are included in several of the company’s kits, you may want to research these products’ ingredients before making a purchase, especially if you have sensitive skin. A complete list of ingredients for the company’s gels and serums are available on the company website.

NuFACE Side Effects/Risks

Because NuFACE delivers micro-currents to the skin, those who have an implanted pacemaker should not use the device, as it might disrupt the function of such a unit. Some NuFACE reviews note that a few users experienced seeing flashes of light after using the device near their eyes, as the microcurrents may stimulate the optic nerve, but this side effect is usually short lived and did not trouble most users who experienced it. If you should develop any unusual symptoms after using NuFACE, discontinue usage of the device and seek the advice of a skin care professional.

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